Glass-Blown Spaceships by Rik Allen

It’s not exactly futuristic technology, nor do I think these vessels would survive the ravages of space, but Rik’s spaceship sculptures are made from steel, blown glass and certainly look capable of traversing the 1950’s spaceways. The intricate retro industrial detail is definitely worthy of true rocket science though, especially the tiny, expertly positioned chairs Rik places inside them… because you know your ass would definitely get tired of haphazardly floating around in zero-G eventually. My love for these burns with the fiery hot passion of one million asploding suns, so I included a few more extreeeeeeeme closeup shots below:

Artist: Website (via: Super Punch)


Nudipeds are awakening from hibernation (by Kit Lane)



Nudipeds are awakening from hibernation (by Kit Lane)




“Ōkunoshima (大久野島) (…) is often called Usagi Shima, or Rabbit Island, because of the numerous wild rabbits that roam the island; they are rather tame and will approach humans.”


can I go there please?

Omg Nina! It’s your natural habitat

OMG. It’s like Night of the Living Bunnehs.

If I had known about this place when I went on my trip to Japan a few years ago, I would have spent THE ENTIRE THREE WEEKS HERE. D: This is now reason #1 to go back.


Orphaned owls Linford and Christie

The owls were hatched at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover, Hampshire, in February and are now being hand-reared by a very devoted Jimmy and his dog, JT.